Taking care of your Garden Turf Image blog image by Bellamay Landscaping in Ruislip

Taking care of your new garden turf

We've put together some great tips to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy all year round.

  • Once your turf has been laid, be sure to water it well. It's important that the first time youe water your turf that the water soaks right down to the ground

  • For the first two weeks water the turf daily. If you are in the summer or warm months, water the turf early in the morning or in the evening. This will prevent the water from evaporating too quickly in the heat. The underside of the turf shoud remain nice and moist for the first month. After that you can reduce the amount of watering.

  • Make sure that you don't water your new turf too much. The under-side should be moist but shouldn't be soaking wet. If you over-water your turf it could cause lawn disease.

  • Once the roots of the new turf have bedded into the soil you will be able to walk on it. You'll be able to tell when the roots are bedded by trying to lift up the corner of the turf. You shouldn't be able to lift the turf easily. Test it after 2-3 weeks in the warmer months and 3-4 weeks if your turf was laid in the cooler months.

  • Ensure to fertilise your lawn a couple of times a year, common times are in the spring and autumn months. This will help keep your turf healthy.

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